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Left to right: Sally Stokes, Alex Reigle, Maura Mullins, Ray Maxwell.

Debriefing the Bridging the Spectrum Symposium 2014 presentation at National Art Gallery Pavilion Cafe, Sunday, February 9, 2014. p.s., It snowed!

Changing the World of Art Librarianship, One Book at a Time, by Sally Stokes,
Catholic University of America, Maura Mullins, Catholic University of America,
Raymond Maxwell, Catholic University of America, Alexandra Reigle, Smithsonian
A panel of students reports on an assignment that involved the reimagining of art
libraries, art ephemera collections, and art databases. The project grew out of an
assignment in LSC 834, Art and Museum Librarianship, in which students surveyed
recent literature on a topic, and identified gaps in the literature. They then prepared a
prospectus for a book of essays that would fill those gaps. The presentations highlight
their visions for the future, as well as the process of filling the gaps and reimagining the



November 13, 2013 – Day in the Life


November 13, 2013 - Day in the Life

How I used the Web today, courtesy of new MOOC, Web Science, which is already overlapping with 551 and will hopefully prep me for 610.

Experimentation in Standard Time


Experimentation in Standard Time

Autumn urban afternoons
get shorter and sweeter –

standing in the middle of I street
I await a very specific angle on the bow,
as my ship called Earth comes about:
a unique perspective on how time passes –

in the distance you can see Virginia:
how many beats per measure
are there in Standard time?

the future is reaching back to join us,
to warn us, to help us alter course
to starboard so we can pass port to port –
the present and the future,
like two ships, passing in a storm.

We post to a blog or sing a song:
we write some non-rhyming words
we call poetry –

and time is a social construct
a contractual agreement we accept
from fear of things we don’t know –
dawn to dusk, high noon
to the darkest part of night –

a 24 second shot clock.
We sink a three pointer
that leaves a vacuum in its wake –
the chain nets echo its refrain.