time for a change, again

This blog is about change, about transitions, about transformation(s). This is how I started it and why I started it.

I gave notice on my job today. Two weeks. Isn’t that always the biggest change you can make in normal life? Well, death is perhaps a bigger change, but death isn’t normally a change you can control.

So I am going to a different job, maybe even a different occupation. What and where will it be? That depends on several factors. But trust me, dear blog reader, you will be the first to know. I am wearing my WCU purple polo shirt today. Long sleeves. Good luck, you know. And I got some good ideas about drama and acting yesterday at the final DC performance of American Moor for my August Wilson class that begins in March. It was at Anacostia Playhouse, by the way, a first for us, but a venue we hope to visit again.

No, I don’t know what’s next, exactly. I do know that the present sometimes stands in the way and blocks the path of/to the future. But as Rose says she told Troy (in Fences), “I told him if he wasn’t the marrying kind, then move out the way so the marrying kind could find me.”

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