Some photos posted to FB this week

Nothing like a crashed hard drive to make you all nostalgic about an old photo you always want to keep. Bissau. Eid al Fitr. 1994.
This one is worth a good laugh. The sandbags outside our hootches to stop incoming mortar rounds. Sometimes they worked. Mostly, I learned to pray. Embassy Estates. Republican Palace. Baghdad. 2008.
Here is a fun photo. Chilling with Portuguese Fado diva Mariza at the Cairo Opera House. Fear not, I had permission.
Cairo. 2009.
One last one for the road. WTF was I writing at the beach? Oh! Poetry!
Chilling at Mussulo. Luanda, Angola. 1999.
Postscript. Amazing, isn’t it, that 1999 is getting ready to be 20 years ago!

Encore. The fourth graders at my alma mater, F.D. Bluford Elementary, didn’t care about diplomacy. They wanted to know about the submarines. Fun time!
Hometown diplomat. Greensboro, NC. 2003.

The junior officers having lunch with former hostage and humanitarian Terry Waite.
Embassy London. 1996.
Debriefed President Jimmy after his meeting with Bashir Al Assad. Swapped some submarine stories. Still my favorite president in this lifetime.
Damascus, Syria. 2009.
We had to get special permission to go here with the local employees because it was outside the 17km limit. But were the bad guys inside or outside that circumference? I still want to know.
Somewhere outside Luanda, Angola. 2000.
Hosting lunch on our front porch for working level contacts at the foreign ministry. Those folks made our lives easier in countless ways!
Luanda, Angola. 1999

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