Ten books I have enjoyed reading on my subway commute in 2017


1. Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray
by Ralph Ellison, Albert Murray

2. May All Your Fences Have Gates: Essays on the Drama of August Wilson
by Alan Nadel

3. The Smear: How the Secret Art of Character Assassination Controls What You Think, What You Read, and How You Vote
by Sheryl Attkisson

4. The Circle
by Dave Eggers

5. The Administrative Threat
by Phillip Hamburger

6. Hooper’s War
by Peter Van Buren

7. The I-10 Incident: Book 1 in the Going Away Parties Murder Mystery Series by Kim Marie Coleman

8. Archives Power: Memory, Accountability and Social Justice
by Randall Jimerson

9. The Total Work of Art: from Bayreuth to Cyberspace
by Matthew Wilson Smith

10. Bind Us Apart: How Enlightened Americans Invented Racial Segregation
by Nicholas Guyatt

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