It’s been more than a month since my last blog post. It’s been a busy time in the city and a busy time in the household. Things are hopefully settling down to a calmer pace.

We woke up to a light snow dusting here in the Bottom. It’s pretty but won’t last long because the snowing has already stopped. This morning I’m putting final touches on my presentation for the Bridging the Spectrum Symposium at Catholic University this Friday. And I am avoiding social media today (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as I inaugurate #SocialMediaFreeMonday. I just decided there are too many good books to read and to write to be spending precious time on Twitter and Facebook all the time. And besides, social media is not really saving the world, it is just a big fat pacifier. And don’t we all need an antidote to social media as a daily news source?

My poetry output has slowed down considerably. Hope to give it a jumpstart in February (tomorrow!) with African American History Month. Still haven’t been to the new Smithsonian museum, by the way. But formulating new ideas weekly for my docent work at Library of Congress. Still looking for full-time work, but as the old folks would say, with one eye open and one eye shut, and actually, another one-day-a week volunteer gig would suit me just fine at this point.

Might do some more with this post later…

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