#DiGiWriMo – November 30

Finally, we reach the end of the month. It ain’t easy cranking out a post EVERY day, especially with all the other stuff going on, background white noise, work, family obligations, hobbies and past-times, and especially this month, the run-up to the elections, the elections, the outcome and whether it made you feel victorious and vindicated or sad and depressed and disappointed. And the passing of life luminaries. Let’s review the month.

I started the month with the idea of participating in NaNoWriMo, writing a novel with chapters due each day. But too much non-fiction was going on, so I quickly shifted gears from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) to DiGiWriMo (Digital Writing Month) and committed to a blog post instead of a novel chapter each day. A sonnet about a bus ride framed some thoughts about my docent training class and its relationship to some stuff I was missing in ModPo (Modern and Contemporary American poetry).

A latin quote, translated, recalled my youthful love for stoicism, the World Series ended in seven, and I riffed about a new book I wanted to read and an old book I wanted to re-read. (Should I be hyperlinking these days?)

Random thoughts and a list of characteristics of the American Renaissance movement from lecture I heard in docent class filled day three’s post.

Day four was more docent training rambling, a poem from the walls, and a poem written by one of the Jefferson building’s early employees that later became the title of an autobiography by yet another illustrious poet.

On Day five I start a series of reflections on election politics, beginning with a list of the presidential elections I could remember, going back to 1968. Then more rambling and riffing, including a Whitman election poem from 1884, and an early night on election eve after checking out some EWF and a Delacroix painting because at that point, I knew the election’s outcome (or more pertinently, no longer cared one way or the other).

More later.

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