#DiGiWriMo – November 27

As we approach the end of the month, and sooner than we know, the end of the year, it’s time to make new plans.

Early in December I want to take all the November #digiwrimo blog posts, November 1-30, and put them in an e-book format.  There are lots of formats available, Papyrus is good just for the e-book, Lulu has some interesting umph to it, and CreateSpace is a favorite when ready to self-publish.

I have two poetry projects in the pre-born stage. One is a collection of poems I want to do based on the Jacob Lawrence Migration series of paintings, which means I’d better to get to the Phillips while the complete exhibit is still in town (before January 8, I need to spend an afternoon or two just looking at the various pieces). The second is a collection of sonnets I’d like to do based on the American Renaissance artwork on the walls, floors and ceiling at the Library of Congress (less time sensitive because it will always be there, but perhaps more complex than any collection I’ve tried before).  Docent training will be up in two weeks, so I will have something to engage my new spare time.

Last but not least, just in the short term, my proposal was accepted for a talk at the CUA LIS Bridging the Spectrum Symposium in February. Over several months during the summer I worked on the outline of my presentation, “A Rhizomatic Approach to Understanding the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.” (Sort of gives it away, I guess.)  I took a hiatus this fall to free up time for docent training (and work). Now it is time to get back on it and whip it into ship shape.

I presented with one of my professors and two classmates in 2014, Changing the World of Art Librarianship. My small piece was called “Reimagining artistic content in art museums and libraries.” I just googled it and nothing came up!  Then in 2015 two classmates and I did a poster from a project in our information architecture class, “Best Practices of Information Architecture and Website Redesign for Information Professionals.” Just posted to slideshare but the definition is not so great. Gotta work on that. We took it on the road, presenting the poster at the 2015 SLA conference in Boston. That was fun, but Boston can be a lonely place.

This will be my first solo flight.

So, that’s what’s up for November 27, y’all.

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