#DiGiWriMo – November 23 – late entry

The New York Times and the Washington Post both advise that I have exceeded the number of free articles I can read on the internet in a month’s time.  There used to be a way around it, but now so many news aggregators link directly to the Times and the Post and they catch me every time. Oh well, there is always December!

For Thanksgiving we decided on lamb instead of turkey.  I will be making my mother’s secret recipe macaroni and cheese and my housemate (smile!) is making her traditional everything-in-it Portuguese salad. Oh, and pumpkin pie a la mode.

Life is on a steady course these days, these years. No sudden turns, no angles and dangles. We are happy at home, with our books and the radio and the occasional NetFlix /AmazonPrime series binge. Not doing any winter gardening, but thinking and prepping for the planting season next spring at the community garden.

So, on this Thursday in late November, we are thankful for good health, for family drama that enlivens and sometimes challenges, for interesting friends and acquaintances, for enriching past-times and hobbies, and for access to books and information in libraries and museums and galleries.


Throwback Thursday. Last Thanksgiving at the Republican Palace, Baghdad, Iraq. 2008. 

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