#DiGiWriMo – November 19 – late entry

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4 thoughts on “#DiGiWriMo – November 19 – late entry

  1. I am with Terry on this one. While I agree with you, Ray, that the art should transcend the moment, I think it was appropriate for the message to be spoken from the stage. And look, if this event is what rattles Trump — actors on the stage, expressing concern about the world — what will happen when Putin gets ramped up on global politics? What will he tweet then?

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    • Still working this out. Fodder for today’s blog post. My fear is that this demonization tactic from the campaign, from either side, but elevated to a strategy by the losing side, has entered the discourse as the new normal. We do need to talk about race, and misogyny, and homophobia, and all expressions of zenophobia. But pointing fingers is not the way. The campaign is over. Same with discussions about temperament. That was cute and clever when the Clinton machine raised it. But the people have spoken, and for better or worse, her negatives outweighed his across all the states. So now we need to get on with governing of, by, and for the people.


      • Good morning, Ray.
        Thank you for allowing this discussion to unfold across your blog and tweets.
        While I appreciate that sense of “moving on and accepting the results,” when the right-hand whisper-in-the-ear of the president-elect is Steve Bannon, and the White Nationalists are having a party because Bannon is near to the White House, then the usual way of “let’s see what happens” is changed, in my opinion. This has nothing to do with Clinton’s machine. It has everything to do with who we are, and who we want to be. Artists have an obligation to speak out on the very issues you metion (and do you think those discussions will unfold in a positive way if left to the new administration?). I understand not everyone agrees with that view of the role of the artist as protest, though.

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      • We agree on the protest role of the artist. My best work, in my wife’s opinion, was written in deep protest to policy and administrative bungling (unpublished, awaiting the outcome of the elections. now it seems, what is the point?) I am not aware of what white nationalists are doing or not doing but I guess that will soon come to light.


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