#DiGiWriMo – November 15 – late entry

What times we live in.

Going through my Twitter feed this morning I learn that a noted international relations expert has recommended that people not work with the new administration, at least not yet. This is someone whose books I have read, whose works I studied in grad school, someone who defended me publicly when I needed it. Then I see where folks are calling for a boycott of a particular soft drink because the CEO of the company supported a particular candidate (Lord knows there are plenty of reasons to stop drinking soft drinks, like diabetes, like cancer, like hypertension, but politics, give me a break!). And, unrelated to the two above, or perhaps related indeed, a billionaire is holding a three-day conference in the nation’s capital to figure out how to stop the duly elected president? Finally, how the heck did #thatsjustme find its way into my Twitter feed?

What happened to us? What happened to the Americans?

We talk in the poetry MOOC about the lowering level of discourse in politics and the irresponsibilities it brings. I see the effects of demonization tactics in the last election, from both sides. But one side lifted it from tactics and made it strategy, casting a sort of hypnotic pall over the media and all its supporters. I don’t need to point fingers, you all were there. And its time to snap out of the trance and come back to reality.

I still have faith in the ship of state, a deep and abiding faith. I met the Architect, and I stood watch with the chief engineer. This ship is built to last, no matter what the “experts” say. But this storm is a storm like no other, worse by far than the one I encountered the first time I navigated the Strait of Gibraltar inbound. And that, my friends, was a storm!

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