#DiGiWriMo – November 13 – late entry

Remember the Seventh Day and keep it holy. Everything, every activity needs a break, a respite, a chance to stop activity and charge the batteries.

I’m thinking about buying a car. VW is going to buy ours back because of the emission scandal. Should I go with VW again (though never another VW diesel) and be a loyal customer?  I love the Beetle, but the safety ratings are not high. I had good luck before with two Rabbits and a Jetta, from 1979 to 2001, and from coast to coast and overseas. A Golf Wagon would do. Or maybe that cute Honda Civic hatchback? Dark blue, they call it Obsidian Blue. Sounds like a poem.

Good news this weekend. My proposal for a presentation/briefing at a library conference was accepted. Two months to get it high and tight. I have been rejected before. Acceptance is sweet.

Pouring lots of work into my docent training preparations. Qualifying tour in mid-December. If you are reading this blog, you are invited. Took a while, but I finally came up with a unifying theme for the story I want to tell. Who ever knew that volunteering to show people around a library building would be so exciting, so almost thrilling? I would pay for what I am getting out of this. And my fellow docents-in-training are such cool people.

And in my copious spare time (smile!), I’m reading some really interesting stuff. First there is Scott Adam’s How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, the comic strip. His book is autobiographical, and it sounds so familiar, the human condition of seeking a career in these times. Highly recommended. And a collection of Turkish poetry by George Messo, Ikinci Yeni: The Turkish Avant-Garde. Good stuff if you like what I call “salty” poetry. A librarian in Turkey turned me on to the Turkish avant-garde movement. And finally, Denise Spellberg’s Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an: Islam and the Founders. Essential reading in this upcoming new era of making America great again, returning to the roots, the origin and uncovering the examples of the nation’s foundational strength.

OK, that’s all folks.


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