#DiGiWriMo – November 12 – late entry

I can’t believe I’m hearing this.

I can’t believe “they” are using this.

“She won the popular vote.”

So what? So did Al Gore in 2000. So did Richard Nixon in 1960. So what?

I wrote in Facebook yesterday,

“Can you imagine the howls of laughter from the DNC and the press if Clinton had won the Electoral College and Trump won the popular vote and people called to abolish the electoral college and make the popular vote getter the winner? #ThatsNotTheWayItWorks #LetsBeRealYall

Lots of likes, comments, even shares. So people do get it. Later in the day, after hearing more soft-headed sop about getting rid of the Electoral College no doubt put out by the Clinton machine, I wrote this addition to my Facebook status:

It is simple but flawed logic to say that the popular vote makes each vote more equal. For one, people living in cities that are more densely populated would have greater power over the election results than people living in sparsely populated areas. Ultimately, candidates would only have to campaign in California and on the eastern seaboard and those voters would have greater say.

Once upon a time the system was rigged to give more power temporarily to the southern states. It was called the three-fifths clause (look it up, you will remember it longer). There are pro and con arguments about the intentions of the Founding Fathers with regard to the three-fifths clause. Thankfully, it was repealed though there are scholars who say it had a continuing effect and a taint that lasts until today. #SaturdayLibrarian

Get rid of the Electoral College? And replace it with what? The tyranny of the majority? The tyranny of New York and California and the subjugation of the heartland?

The VOA (Voice of America) put out a snappy little video that explains the process to foreign audiences.  Check it out here.

So, let’s leave the Electoral College right where it is. Let Freedom ring!  From sea to shining sea (and all between).

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