#DiGiWriMo – November 9 – late entry

It’s impossible to ignore what just happened in the home of the brave. People rioting in the streets in major American cities Wednesday night in response to election results is an extreme example. But when I got to work Wednesday around noon, my colleagues were sad, depressed, many actually crying. Good people, rational thinkers, honest American informed citizens, responded quietly to their hopes being dashed by the election results. The first thought that came to my mind was the Amiri Baraka performance poem, “Somebody Blew Up America.”

But my first thought’s words had only a loose connection to reality. America hadn’t really been blown up. Americans’ inflated expectations had been blown up. The accepted idea that business would go on as usual, that corrupt pay-to-play practices were the new norm to be allowed if not embraced, that wholesale purchase of the media and polling operations by a single political machine was no longer troublesome to the American spirit, these were the “things” that got blown up Tuesday night.

To help them through the grieving process, and out of respect for their obvious grief, I sent out one of my poems to some of my colleagues at work and posted it on my poetry blog for friends and regular readers to see here.

But Wednesday’s expressions of grief and disappointment were a side story, and one that would likely pass quickly.

Here are a few of my personal thoughts.

Trump promised during the primaries and during the campaign for the general election to “Make America Great Again.” I personally found nothing wrong with that statement and/or its connotations.  In fact, it brought to my mind thoughts of a renaissance, of a rebirth, of making things new, not in a chaotic way, but based on tried and true standards of the past (hence, again).  Maybe I was reading too much into it, way too much into it, but every time I saw #MAGA on twitter, I thought “The New American Renaissance.”

Now, what else went wrong?  Here is a collection of links, some before and some after the election results:

The Clinton campaign lost the internet war early on, the Trump folks got it right

The Clinton team lost the ad war, the Trump folks got it right

Like a Greek tragedy, candidates were flawed, but one committed more acts of self-sabotage than the other

Confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance

Maureen Dowd hits the nail on the head

Finally, all the talk from the media about Trump’s alleged acts of misogyny, racism, etc., just didn’t impress me.  I saw it as a kind of mental trick designed to ensnare those who were insecure and afraid. But the talk about corruption and rigging the system resonated with me as I had seen it all play out in the Democratic primary races between Clinton and Sanders.

OK, I need to do some reading for my docent training class.  This subject may come up again another day.  And here is a haunting song by Roberta Flack, “Business Goes On As Usual.”

5 thoughts on “#DiGiWriMo – November 9 – late entry

  1. Ray
    I am not convinced the slogan is about looking ahead to something new. It seemed rhetorically designed more (notice the word: again) to reference to the pre-1960s America, as a signal to struggling male white voters that that old world (you know, the one built on notions of white suburbia) might yet be returned to them (along with all those manufacturing jobs in the Rust Belt … yeah … right). And ignoring or explaining aways his statements on women and race as a “mental trick” of the campaign negates the effect such language has on our children. We’re already seeing its effects in some of our high schools, post-election. What do we say to our kids and our young students when the most powerful person in our country gets away with the language he uses, and not just that … but revels in it?
    Thanks for writing and for sharing. The performance poem was powerful.
    Your friend,

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  2. Peace-filled protests, our first amendment right I may remind, does not a thug make. I am furiously surprised by calling dissenters “thugs.” 10k in NYC alone. Thug is a trolling word, not from someone I thought of as a thinker. Confused, or have I been duped by your often interesting intellectual mash-up and creative pastiche?

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  3. R,
    I am tearing up in a juice bar reading that you took that word out. I will still continue to dialogue with you on “rioters” versus “protesters.” At demonstrations there may be a few fringe folks, even saboteurs provoking, but the bulk of folks walking with handmade signs, chanting, EXPRESSING themselves is not “rioting.” And I did not hear of any destruction in most of the places. I look forward to a broad opposition building and us all working to preserve our rights to dissent, create, express.


  4. People are being openly attacked by racists and xenophobes in broad daylight. Trump is a con man who used hate to foment the alt right to support him but they will ride in to power on his coat tales. I suspect Trump has no idea.


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