a new adventure, a new job, a new “return,” and new challenges…

So, a lot has happened in the past week…

First, I just stumbled upon a MOOC, Thought Vectors in Concept Space, and I’ll have to go back to my “history” to figure out how I got there, but it dove-tails nicely with some research interests I have, so I decided to check it out.  So, I went to the site, and lo and behold, discovered some very cool librarians there.  Then went to the first week readings and found Vannevar Bush’s essay, “As We May Think,” an essay I tussled with in my first LIS course two years ago, and that caught my attention. So here we are.

I will continue to blog here on my new obsession/concept, Agile Librarianship, but will change the tags and categories appropriately.

OK.  More new stuff.  Completed the first week of my return to my old job (already blogged previously).  Three days a week.  Did some interviews.  Typed up some notes.  Sent them to my boss (for whom I am serving as a senior advisor).  Off to a pretty good start.

Got notified of a new job that I will start this coming week, two days a week, part-time reference and instruction librarian at a local school, American University.  I am very excited about this job, even though it is part-time and only two days a week, because it keeps me connected to librarianship, my career choice for the next phase of my life.  Let me say here that I am and will forever remain grateful to Western Carolina University and Hunter Library for my first career library job and I continue to miss those mountains!

So I am going to stop here and take the plunge into “As We May Think,” and see if I can find my notes and presentation from LSC 557 at #CUA_LIS.  See ya later, alligator!

p.s. Some cool music from the archives for a Sunday afternoon:

Late entry: just caught this on C-Span and updated my Facebook status:

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 19.45.44

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