and the job search continues…

Resumed with my old employer yesterday.  WAE (When Actually Employed) they call it. Part-time for retirees.  Three days a week trouble-shooting consulting, I call it. Keeps a bit of change in my pocket.  Going to get a badge today. Need the badge to get into the computer. Who every heard? Big corner office in the sub-basement. Don’t like it. Think I’d prefer a cubicle with sunlight and fresh air to the dungeon.

Read through some OIG reports yesterday. Security briefing today. Computer access tomorrow if I’m lucky. Real lucky.

Still waiting to hear back on a couple of part-time librarian jobs. Part-time is enough for now. Need to keep my toes in the water. You know what I mean? We’ll resume work on our project as soon as my partners return from vacation. Gathering material every day.

And ModPo resumes in September. Gonna try to balance it with the Science of Happiness edX course that starts the same week. Joined a coaching team.  And continuing with Agile.

Enough for a retired guy…

And today’s Epictetus quote:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 06.36.58

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