Blogging 101 – Moving legacy content from Blogger to WordPress

Many folks (like me)  have legacy blogs and content in Blogger that they would like to transfer to WordPress. Yes, it is possible, and actually quite easy.  It’s basically a two step process of preparing the blog contents for export in Blogger, then importing that package into WordPress.  I will outline what I did here.

First, go to the blog you want to export in Blogger.  Click on “design” in the upper right corner, then click on “settings” at the bottom of the left side, then click on “other.”  At the top of the next page, under Blog Tools, select “Export Blog.” The contents of your Blogger blog will be downloaded to your default place with a name that looks like this: “blog-month-date-year.xml.”  That will be the end of the export stage.

Now go to the destination blog site in WordPress.  Click “My Sites” in the upper left corner, then click “WPAdmin,” then “Tools.”  Under the Tools menus, click “Import,” then “Blogger,” then chose your file from the location where you downloaded it.  Then the magic happens, and your old Blogger content populates your new WordPress site.

Easy peasy!

This also works for exporting from other legacy blog platforms.

And today’s Epictetus quote:

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 09.33.31

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