Blogging 101 – Index, looking back on the course, & making some social calls

It occurred to me that it might be useful at some point in the future to have a one page index of all our assignments in the course. That is what I’ll do here:

Blogging 101 – Day 1: Introducing myself to Blogging U

Blogging 101 – Day 2: Getting the title and tagline right

Blogging 101 – Day 3: Getting to know the blogosphere neighbors

Blogging 101 – Day 4: Identifying my audience – poetry lovers

Blogging 101 – Day 5: Selecting a theme (Lovecraft to Libretto to Lovecraft)

Blogging 101 – Weekend post. Just submitted a poem to Goodreads

Blogging 101 – Day 6: Brushing up the About page

Blogging 101 – Day 7: Personalizing the blog

Blogging 101 – Day 8: Reaching out to the neighborhood

Blogging 101 – Day 9: Be inspired by the neighbors in the blogosphere

Blogging 101 – Day 10: Adding a blogroll, or two, or three

Blogging 101 – Day 11: Blogging around a prompt – community service

Blogging 101 – Day 12: Comments in the community

Blogging 101 – Day 13: Try (another) Blogging Event – #reblogwednesday

Blogging 101 – Day 14: Extend your brand

Blogging 101 – Day 15: Create a Feature

For those still reading.   Filomena and I and some friends went to the Goethe Institut last night to catch one of the movies in the African Diaspora International Film Festival, Nginga, Queen of Angola.  We spent two very memorable years in Luanda, 1998-2000, so the movie had special meaning to/for us.

More information on Raina Nginga is available here (Wikipedia).

And here we are at Nando’s for a Portuguese-South African repast after the film:

At Nando's after seeing Nginga Queen of Angola

3 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Index, looking back on the course, & making some social calls

  1. Hallo 🙂 I wonder when visiting previously I maybe missed some of your assignment posts. So a round-up index is a great idea.
    Learning is an ongoing journey and it will be very useful to you as you travel further along the course of blogging to look back easily from one place. Nice to see you had a good weekend 🙂 Very best wishes to yourself and your good lady 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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