Blogging 101 – Day 13: Try (another) Blogging Event – #reblogwednesday

Our Day 13 task is to join a different blogging community and follow their prompt (or something like that).  I chose #REBLOGWEDNESDAY after hearing an interesting interview on the radio.

We are radio listeners, normally, almost always erring on the side of public radio stations. Some days we hang out with #NPR local affiliate, #WAMU, and some days we listen to a local C-SPAN station, and some days, especially mornings, we go straight to #WPFW, a local non-commercial community radio station that we support.  Today we started with Democracy Now on WPFW, which was much more interesting, at least today, than the regular dribble on NPR (which used to be cutting edge, but now, it seems is pretty much MSM).  It was followed by an interview with a local activist who mentioned a blog post that gave a different slant on #BlackLivesMatter.  Well, I was frankly looking for a different slant, because the current slant was doing nothing for me.  You know what I mean?

The blog mentioned was #FreeTheLand, maintained by a PhD student at one of the DC universities, and the post was entitled “Six Lessons #BlackLivesMatter Can Learn from Amilcar Cabral.”  It captured my attention for two reasons.  One, reading about Amilcar Cabral as a teenager influenced my decision to go to his country, Guinea-Bissau, many years later for my first foreign service assignment.  And that is definitely a story for a different blogpost.  The second reason was that I had been thinking those people needed some lessons from somewhere, and this seemed like a suitable source.

Well, one thing led to another, and I started thinking about my time in Guinea-Bissau, which led my to a different blog to find out what was going on there these days, Ditadura do Consenso, where I learned of the country’s present political turmoil.

So, joining a different blogging community can lead to all sorts of interesting twists and turns!

p.s. Today’s very stoic quote comes from Amilcar Cabral:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 17.06.32

p.s. For purposes of nostalgia, purely, here is a link to a poem I wrote at the end of my tour in Guinea-Bissau, just for context: My Return to Mother Africa


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Day 13: Try (another) Blogging Event – #reblogwednesday

  1. Hallo 🙂 I really enjoyed how you arrived at deciding this from hearing a radio programme. Your article is rich with links and interesting to read. Especially enjoyed the quote you closed your writing with. Fantastic 🙂

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      • Are you going from comments in blogging101 admin? i’m not using that one at moment, I want to make it more like a website than a blog perhaps so it’s on hold while I’m learning. My blogging101 blog is – apologies for inconvenience if that’s why. i think there was a mix-up with my sign up or I made an error and only noticed very recently.

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      • p.s. Just went to your blog, The Wishing Well. Nice use of colors and fonts and great space use! And thank you for the blogging award nomination! I will get to work on it after my job interview Friday.

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      • Thankyou for visiting and for the generous feedback. I’m chuffed you are happy to accept the award 😀 No pressure, no rush, enjoy 🙂 Hope all goes well for you, Best wishes, Colette

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