Blogging 101 – Day 5: Selecting a theme

I had been using a default theme for blogging, Twenty Ten I think it is called.  Experimented with similar themes, but always came back to the basic.  As a result of the assignment, I experimented not only with similar themes, but with very different ones.  I tried the new WP theme, Blask, then tried ECTO, Sandbox (which I liked because it reminded me of Wikipedia once I changed the background color), and was somewhat attracted to Syntax.  Then, for something entirely different, I tried Lovecraft and let it sit overnight. In the morning, Lovecraft just didn’t do anything for me.  So I searched free themes (for now, I might decide to try a premium theme in the future when my revenue stream recommences) and came across Libretto. I tried it. I customized it just a bit. And I activated it. I think I really like it!  May stick with it for a few days.  May switch back to Lovecraft. My pages are hidden, but perhaps they need to be, and perhaps that function can be restored.

On the job search side, I ran into a fellow retiree in the lobby of our building last night who had just returned from an overseas WAE (While Actually Employed, government-speak for the program whereby federal retirees can return to work on a part-time basis).  I mentioned thinking about WAE work, but only domestically, not overseas.  Then she mentioned that she had received information about volunteer opportunities at the Smithsonian and at the Library of Congress.  Inside my head, bells started ringing and light started blinking!  Yeah, I could apply my recently acquired librarianship skills in a meaningful way at either.  So when I got to my apartment, I went immediately to the websites of both to look up potential opportunities.  And, Bingo! So I am checking it out further.  Wish me luck.

And today’s Epictetus quote:

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 08.46.32

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Day 5: Selecting a theme

  1. Hey that;s great 🙂 very very best of luck – i’m not in blogging101 but really enjoyed reading your post – nice to see this theme in action, very slick, comfortable to read, great stuff 🙂


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