Catch up post for the week – Friday, February 13

Tuesday.  AdobeConnect GoToMeeting with HR mgmt grad students.  Walked them through the HR Libguide, pointing out the research aids and search syntax features that are standard to most of our libguides, but highlighting the special features for their course work, the tab covering case studies, a prospective page on evidence-based HR mgmt, the dynamic news feed of HR news articles.  The students provided good feedback, so I think they were paying attention, but the next time I do an online session I am going to make better use of the built in feedback features, as well as appointing one student as the “skeptic question asker” to keep everybody on their toes.

Wednesday.  The Romance Languages Department had a poetry reading with a slight Valentine’s Day theme.  Students and faculty were invited to read a poem in a Romance language, so of course I signed up to read a poem in Portuguese.  I chose Camoes sonnet 271, and practiced all night Tuesday to get my r’s rolling appropriately!  It was well attended and about 18 people read poems in Spanish (mostly), French (one) and Portuguese (mine!).  It was so much fun!  Glad I participated.

So, it’s Friday night, and I just got home from the WCU candlelight vigil for the three students who were killed in Chapel Hill a couple of days ago.  Sad event.  Folks are saying that the Muslims have had their Trayvon Martin moment. We are all Trayvon Martin. Thinking people need to think about what’s going on. It may be just a matter of time before domestic terrorists and domestic terror criminals set their aims on targets that look more like themselves.  Good piece by Philip Gourevitch in the New Yorker

At the Grammy’s, Prince said “Albums—you remember those? They still matter. Like books and black lives, they still matter.” Happy he included books.

#MOOCMOOC Google hangout tonight on anarchist pedagogies.

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