taking a break from academic stuff and posting to the blog about other things…

So, I went this morning to a meeting of the Cullowhee Revitalization Endeavor (CuRvE) at the Cullowhee Cafe.  Without planning, I ran into two librarian colleagues (librarians are so multidisciplinary!) and my newest friend from the Cullowhee Community Garden. CuRvE is planning some good stuff for the neighborhood, highlighted by a proposed river park as a stimulus for economic development.  I am all for it!

Speaking of which, I made a stop at the community garden last week to get a plot for the spring.  I think we’ll start with 15′ x 15′, plant some greens (25%), some vegetables and vine melons (50%), and some wildflowers (25%).  Went to Lowe’s after the CuRvE meeting to pick up some fencing material and some seeds (plus already had some heirloom seeds I picked up several weeks ago on my maiden journey to Cherokee.

Speaking of which, you KNOW I spoke to the guy about feasibility of setting up a couple of beehives in the vicinity of the gardens.  To my surprise and delight, he was all for it, and in fact, already had offers of hives and whole colonies, but didn’t know anybody who wanted to be the beekeeper.  Estamos combinados!

p.s. Let me add.  Made a crock pot deer stew last weekend that was sooo yummy and tasty! Lasted all week and I have had my fill of it but there are two serving left.  Taking one for the team…

So, for next week, a sonnet by Luis de Camoes, Sonnet #271:

A formosura desta fresca serra,
E a sombra dos verdes castanheiros,
O manso caminhar destes ribeiros,
Donde toda a tristeza se desterra;

O rouco som do mar, a estranha terra,
O esconder do sol pelos outeiros,
O recolher dos gados derradeiros,
Das nuvens pelo ar a branda guerra;

Enfim, tudo o que a rara natureza
Com tanta variedade nos oferece,
Me está (se não te vejo) magoando.

Sem ti tudo me enoja, e me aborrece;
Sem ti perpetuamente estou passando,
Nas mores alegrias, mor tristeza.

And the translation:

nature camoes

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