Somewhere between catching up on the readings for the MOOC Prometheus Unbound, and getting ahead in the reading for the new MOOC on Hybrid Pedagogy, I penned this response to a co-worker I interviewed who asked me, after the interview, for my thoughts about the foundations of my strengths and areas of expertise outside librarianship.  With her permission, I am sharing that here.

“Sorry to be so late getting back to you. Friday afternoon was pretty crazy!

In my youth, I actually considered foregoing college and going into bakery management straight out of high school. Then the ill-timed Russia wheat deal and the OPEC oil embargo (and perhaps a bit of faulty mgmt) eventually put our bakery out of business (mid 70’s), so I gave up on that plan and went to college a year late. My first major was electrical engineering. Then I changed to biology. Then changed back to electrical engineering. Then changed to economics and then to agricultural economics. All the changing burned me out, so I quit and joined the Navy, where I enrolled in the Nuclear Power program. After six years of engineering training crammed into two years, I reported to my first boat, the USS Hammerhead, a fast-attack submarine, and after two years, transferred to the new Trident class boat, The USS Michigan. I spent three years on the Michigan before finding my way to get back to college, to Florida A&M,  where I did a double major in economics and naval science (with a whole lot of mathematics squeezed in! In fact, had I taken two more courses and done the admin paperwork, I probably could have finished with a triple major!).

So that is the foundation of my strengths (and weaknesses). Everything between then (1987) and now (with the exception of meeting Filomena in London in 1995, definitely a preordained event) is just a footnote, or perhaps several pages of footnotes. I love poetry, love to read and write it. I love the Psalms, and I can still recite from memory Psalms 1, 23, and 100 even though my parents had me memorize them before first grade. I love the sea, and miss all the feeling contained in quote, “Oh Lord, thy sea is so vast and my boat is so small.” I am learning, during this monastic phase of my life, that I really enjoy cooking, making a pot of something to last me three of four days. I worked at a public library during high school and knew then it was all I wanted to do, but it has taken all this time for me to get back to it.

Wow, may I post this to my blog?

Happy MLK Day!


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