#SLA2014 – Day Four

June 9, 2014

Breakfast with the Military Librarians! Nice spread. Great conversation with Sharon, PJ, Marrette, Fani, Marianne and Stephanie and co-alums (CUA), Julie and Angela. Finally made it to a Taxonomy Division session, The Search for Meaning and Semantics. Outstanding session. I so love taxonomy! Took tons of notes, and a long list of “latter lookups,” concepts, published papers, books. Next was a roundtable with Rising Stars and SLA Fellows, recommended by co-alum Angela, one of the rising stars. Four consecutive components, different formats kept it lively and interesting. Mary Ellen Bates provided a futuristic presentation of what a new rising star might say in 2019, including mention of a SLA working Group, #SLAforTomorrow, so, me being me, I immediately tweeted it out. No response yet, though. I think the idea is still germinating. Nice chat afterwards with Mary, Jill, Angela, and Kevin, talking about the future of SLA, present trends inside and outside. Will tweet it out again tomorrow (no pun intended!). We need some future thinking!

Picked up signed copies of The Accidental Taxonomist, then attended another Competitive Intelligence session, Analytic Frameworks that Deliver Value. Loving this competitive intelligence stuff. But alas, too much extroversion. Time for Ray to retreat. Found a quaint used bookstore on the way back to the hotel, McLeods. Excellent poetry section, All I needed. Yes! Found a rare Frank O’Hara volume, Poems Retrieved, and an original of Yeats’ A Vision, both reasonably priced. Got directions to a nearby chain bookstore, Chapters, and found a book by Native American scholar Vine Deloria, The World We Used to Live In. Picked up some fruit and water at a grocery store and returned to the hotel.

1 thought on “#SLA2014 – Day Four

  1. Hey Ray, just catching up on your SLA posts. Re: competitive intelligence, Dave turned me onto a woman named Edna Reid – really interesting lady who might be up your alley too.


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