#SLA2014 – Day Five

June 11, 2014

Last conference day. Breakfast with the Military Librarians group again. Just as I was about the tip toe out of the SLA Competencies session, my faculty advisor approached the microphone, adding clear and logical reasoning to the conversation. So I stayed.

Sat through the whole session on The Accidental Data Scientist – A New Role for Librarians and Info Pros. Good session, lots of notes and later lookups. The Government Information Access session included panelists from the U.S. and Canada and was very revealing and enlightening, for very different reasons.

Spent lunch walking through the Douglas Coupland exhibit at the Vancouver Gallery of Art. Good head-clearing exercise. I’ve never seen an artist of any genre come closer to the artistry of Whitman’s poetry. Coupland does for the 21st century what Whitman did for the 19th (well, maybe Whitman is a bit more timeless, but saying so reflects my own personal bias about the superiority of poetry as an art form. Coupland is still with us; it is not too late for him to heed the higher call and write poetry…). Lunch at the gallery café was a delight, insofar as one can experience delight unaccompanied.

Returned to the conference site in time for a 2pm session with Ken Haycock on Career Transitions When Money is Not the Motive. Good stuff: Myers-Briggs; Strength-Finder; Enneagram; Good to Great in the Social Sector; Work the Pond. Good food for thought. Business meeting was interesting, and closing session left me slightly unsettled. but got my questions answered at the Military Librarians reception later.

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