The Digital Amphibians: New Job starting!

New job starts Monday, May 19, 2014 (well, just a summer internship, but still psyched! It is the premier federal library in DC!).  Totally psyched!  Details to follow.  Met with local placement agency yesterday to discuss post-summer (and post-graduation) employment ops.  Still awaiting final hiring decisions from Greensboro and Knoxville.  Looking at a couple of interesting distance and local 12-credit-hour certification programs.  Still cranking out poetry and reading with the Warrior Poetry Project, a program to help combat veterans use poetry to work their way through emotional trauma.  Still scouting potential beehive locations.  Two summer classes looming (torn between Cataloging and Classification and Special Libraries, decision may make itself as the latter does not seem to be reaching the minimum subscription level, and God knows I need the C&C). Life is a beach!

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