Left to right: Sally Stokes, Alex Reigle, Maura Mullins, Ray Maxwell.

Debriefing the Bridging the Spectrum Symposium 2014 presentation at National Art Gallery Pavilion Cafe, Sunday, February 9, 2014. p.s., It snowed!

Changing the World of Art Librarianship, One Book at a Time, by Sally Stokes,
Catholic University of America, Maura Mullins, Catholic University of America,
Raymond Maxwell, Catholic University of America, Alexandra Reigle, Smithsonian
A panel of students reports on an assignment that involved the reimagining of art
libraries, art ephemera collections, and art databases. The project grew out of an
assignment in LSC 834, Art and Museum Librarianship, in which students surveyed
recent literature on a topic, and identified gaps in the literature. They then prepared a
prospectus for a book of essays that would fill those gaps. The presentations highlight
their visions for the future, as well as the process of filling the gaps and reimagining the

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