Blast off!

Tomorrow is day one of class.  Here is the lineup so far:  

LSC 610: Information Architecture and Web Design.  Here is the syllabus:

LSC 772: Marketing Libraries and information Systems:  Link to the syllabus

But that’s not all! There are two MOOCs.

One, Modern European Mysticism and Modern Psychological Thought, is best accessed here (maybe):
and here:


Rhizomatic Learning (Blogged about here by a ModPo’er) here: and here:

Add to that library positions applied for at CUA, AU, and DCPL. Gotta be fun!

2 thoughts on “Blast off!

  1. Hi Ray, quite class list! Looks like a lot of reading too. I “took” the History of Information class from U.C. Berkeley the first time it was offered (2009?) and I have found it to be an excellent foundational perspective class, for an Information Professional. It’s a full semester of lectures, but all free and no tests, etc.. Good independent study or paper material (and good listening/watching while commuting, if you do so):,s,Spring_2011,ECB0E22D0372EE54DD

    You can also find the link(s – Berkeley Webcast, YouTube, iTunesU, etc.) by searching on the word Information, and finding the History of Information class in the History section, listed here:

    Being an “Information Professional” is an interesting thing, no?

    I just did a mirror pop sonnet on the information idea – good timing-ish…

    Good luck!


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