Midwinter Day – Part Four

I gotta confess, it was a tough slog getting through Part Four of Bernadette’s Midwinter Day today (yes we are on a first name basis by now, silly!). But this gem at the very end made the slog all worthwhile:

“I have a sensation of waiting, you should call and tell me how the rest might go. Like an important letter, a whole different matter, if I only knew what I need to know. You call and I say in some way I already know all about it, I expected it. That’s a story that might happen today, I don’t dare to end as death is still bewildering, love might be trick and you are another. But to be beginning I’ll only say that to have you as love is like the history of this idiosyncrasy. If that is not a story then I who have so far listened so much and now am beginning to be able to say something, which is another story, am surprised.” 

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