LSC 555 – Blog #5 “How Internet Infrastructure Works” and “Introduction to the Web as a Platform”

The two articles, “How Internet Infrastructure Works,” and “Introduction to the Web as a Platform” both inform and underscore and explain our work with HTML and websites throughout the course.  What it all may come down to is a very 551-ish (Organizaton of Information) conclusion: the Internet and the World Wide Web are basically human-driven attempts to organize the vast and growing body of known information in a way that makes it presentable, helpful, efficient, and easy to use.

Both articles mention the significance of the idea that everything (every book, every “document,” every item, every packet of information) should have a name or an identifier, in this case the URL, Uniform Source Locator).  Both articles mention that HTTP, HyperText Transfer Protocol,is the most common Internet application protocol, and provides the parameters of the conversation between computer clients and servers, One article only mentions the importance of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language),the document format that essentially makes inter-operable all computers, clients and readers AND makes possible the ability to convert a linguistic description into a screen display.

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