Late entry, Monday, November 4, 2013

These late entries are a bit of a drag, pulling me back to events of the past in a time traveling way.  Wouldn’t it be much more interesting to write predictive entries, guessing (and thereby determining) how events will unwind in the future, if only for a day?

OK.  So Monday I went to campus early to get a parking pass for the rest of the school year (I know, only two days a week, but it will be worth it to be able to drive in the winter months).  Then to Mullen Library to one of those graduate student study carrels i had read about and reserved, and three hours of reading and editing for my RA job.  

Returning home, I stopped by a grocery store food bar for some lunch, Peruvian grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, and macaroni and cheese, and on home for the feast.  Spent the rest of the day at home, reading and writing and learning. Early to bed and early to rise.    

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