late entry: Sunday, November 3, 2013

Got up early Sunday.  Standard time now.  Took a walk along the river, watched the sun rise.  Got some great photos of autumnal splendor!


Took an abnormal detour and walked across the foot bridge to Roosevelt Island.  There is a memorial there, a shrine to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th U.S. President (1901-1909).  Since reading many years ago his speech at the Sorbonne, Citizenship in a Republic, Teddy Roosevelt has been my favorite American president.

Finished the walk, made some coffee, and started my reading for the day, LSC 551, Organization of Information.  Skipped the silly Sunday morning talk shows.

We had matinee tickets for The Iceman Cometh, so we left around noon, got good parking and had lunch at a bistro in Bethesda before the play started at 2pm.  Filomena had a salad and creme brulee, I had a burger and dark chocolate mousse.  Filomena had a mimosa and we split a pot of Earl Grey.

I had never seen The Iceman Cometh performed on stage, though I had seen plenty of film presentations of the Eugene O’Neill classic.  Maybe two/three years ago, we saw Strange Interlude performed at the Shakespearean downtown, and we saw Desire Under the Elms many years ago in London when we were dating, so we had an idea about the energy level to expect.  But, really, we had no idea!  It (the energy on the stage) was frankly so intense that we chatted about it all the way down Wisconsin Avenue to Georgetown, and when we got home we chatted some more.  Damn!  Eugene O’Neill captured the angst of his time and of our own, then stuffed it into four acts, 3.5 hours!  The man is a goddamn poet!

So, when we finally came down, I managed to plow my way through three articles for LSC 555, Information Systems.

p.s.  Here is another photo that got a ton of Facebook likes:


1 thought on “late entry: Sunday, November 3, 2013

  1. From the Modpo Discussion Forum on Iceman

    I also had to look up andragogy!

    We went to see a play last weekend, Eugene O’Neill’s The Iceman Cometh. It was a local production, but quite good. Half way in (four acts, 3.5 hours total, with one long intermission) it hit me: Al and the TA’s, on videos, on webcasts, even in audios, create a rich and stimulating performance space, just like the stage of Iceman, one whose vibrant and shimmering energy spills over, overflowing, beyond the stage to infuse the audience, whether in the playhouse, or at home in front of a computer, or in local study groups that attempt to replicate the energy production that accompanies the poetry reading. It is the energy going forth that makes this particular style of MOOC so effective. Now Al is no Hickey, but he is an effective orchestra conductor with a baton that is barely visible and standing on a block that only slightly elevates his face above music stands of the violins. A bandmaster, a drum major, a maestro.

    Now we all have our favorite TA’s, and we sit on the edge of our seats to see how they are going to respond on a given day. And that interplay is also a vital part of both the energy production we witness, and the energy consumption we experience. I will not kiss and tell, but my favorites have evolved from ModPo 1 to Modpo 2, possibly reflecting my own evolution.


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