LSC 555 Blog #4b: Database tutorial dot@mac

Database tutorial. dot@mac

It may seem a bit strange to blog about an online tutorial, except that I am also taking LSC 644, Information Literacy and Instructional Design, and one of our term projects is to produce an online tutorial.  So blogging about this one gives me the opportunity to open up the hood and see the inside operation of the engine, so to speak. 

The first frame has a banner identifying the topic, an advanced organizer with learning goals, and the estimated time required to complete the tutorial.  The first frame also introduces the navigational system for moving back and forth, arrow at the bottom directing the user to the next or the previous page.  The multiple choice challenges are good, especially the “pick all that apply,” and the immediate feedback really helps to maintain the user’s attention and he/she proceeds through the tutorial. 

On the content side, the tutorial does an adequate job of decomposing databases into records and records into fields.  The explanations for database types stick in the mind, especially after being reinforced with graphics and short multiple choice sets.  The segment on keyword searching is instructive and entertaining, with the mouse-over effects and putting the correct key works in a book instead of in the garbage can.  The quiz at the end has just the right length to keep the user engaged and yet provide adequate reinforcement to drive home the learning concept.  Nice graphics!  Good ideas for techniques I can implement in my own tutorial.

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