October 31, 2013 – Library Student Day in the Life

October 31, 2013

Got 551 reading and posting to do tonight or I am screwed!

Good panel discussion at FSI this morning.  How to establish a consulting practice.  Five successful consulting practitioners, three of them former government employees/FSO’s. Chatted afterwards with two I knew.  Got a book recommendation, Government Contracts Made Easier, much cheaper on Kindle.  On my list.

Good chat with the folks from ADST (Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training), one of my favorite groups of folks.  Couldn’t resist telling them that what the oral history project needs is metadata and indexing.  The e-mail they asked me to send may turn into another project!

Introduced to Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver tonight at Information Literacy and Instructional Design class.  Part of the whole experience of going back to grad school at 50-something is dealing with the humility of having 20-somethings run circles around you because they are natives to the technology and you are an alien. Time heals all wounds.

Last day of Job Search Program tomorrow.  But not so soon.  Tomorrow morning I meet Lila Ibrahim, president of Coursera.  Hopefully we will have a ModPo crew there to hold high the ModPo banner (ModPo is Penn’s Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, Coursera’s second most popular MOOC course).  ModPo is the beloved community that accompanied me through a storm.  Speaking of which, while browsing the stacks looking for Panofsky’s Studies in Iconology (librarians and information scientists who got through Taylor&Joudrey will know what I am talking about), I stumbled upon “An Anthology of Concrete Poetry.”  Talking about a revolution.  ”If there is such a thing as a worldwide movement in the art of poetry, Concrete it is.” -Jonathan Wiliams

OK. Time for some 551.


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