October 30, 2013 – Library Student Day in the Life

October 30, 2013

Job Fair went well.  Had six or seven conversations. Three or four seemed really interested.  Starting to feel like the original LIS evangelist, explaining to the heathen world how getting the metadata right can heal their souls.  But seriously, I think there may be several possibilities: designing web-based training; applying knowledge management principles to development projects; adjunct opportunities at community colleges; and even part-time technical writing gigs to tide me over until a really cool library job presents itself.

Still catching up on readings and Blackboard postings. I have my taped job interview tomorrow at FSI.  Should be a ton of fun (more like one more CD that never gets viewed evermore…).  A couple of places requested soft copies of my resume so I will crank those e-mails out tonight.  Tomorrow is another day with new opportunities…

p.s.  Cancelled the New York trip.  Couldn’t face the five-hour bus ride.  Got a good walk along the Potomac in this morning, a little rain but I had a cap and a hood.  When the drizzle became steady, I switched from NPR to WTOP, “from the Chesapeake to the Shenandoah, traffic and weather on the eights and when it breaks!”  WTOP is good for walking!  Played hookey from school and caught up on correspondence.

p.s.  Side trip to the instruction manual factory after lunch today.  Picked up my retirement ID and submitted my final award nomination.  Oh yeah, and posted a poem to my LinkedIn Poetry group.  Check it out if you dare (and if they let you in):



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