October 27, 2013 – Library Student Day in the Life

October 27, 2013.

Up early on a Sunday morning, playing catch up with readings from 551, Organization of Information.  This is not the class I should have fallen behind in, this is the stuff I really like because, as we all know, the devil is in the details.  Anyway, I am catching up, ploughing through the readings, intent on making the first of several Blackboard submissions before I have breakfast and dash off to meet the Poetry Group at the American Art Museum.  Later, volunteer duty at the Arabian Sights Film Festival, which should actually be fun, then back home to plow through some more 551 readings.

Sunday is a good day to ponder on all the upcomings of the week.  Job Fair at FSI Tuesday, Megabus to New York on Wednesday for Power, Privacy and the Internet conference, How to Establish a Consulting Practice panel Thursday morning, online tutorial project due in Information Literacy and Instructional Design (644) Thursday night (better have the bulk of it done Tuesday or no New York trip!), Tech@State Friday morning to meet the president of Coursera with ModPo buddies, wrap-up, photos and reception end the Job Search Program course Friday afternoon (better dress up for that).  Gotta check in on the research project I have neglected these three weeks (I think folks understand that this is and has been, like, hell three weeks in the education village, but still, it is good and right to talk).

Working (mentally, just an internal conversation right now) on a new poem about the future reaching back to determine the present.  Sankofa.  It’s an African philosophical and psychological construct.  Mother Africa.

Enough for day -1.

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