November 2, 2013 – Library Student Day in the Life

Up early for MOOC work and breakfast before class.  Good class today in the computer lab, learning all about thesauri and classification.  Met with my project partner to discuss our end-of-term thesaurus construction project.  Good ideas.  A couple of hours of library study preceded a late lunch of grab-a-box roast beef on wheat with overpriced potato chips. Why is everything on campus so expensive?  Returned to the computer lab to do some web design work, then home by 5 o’clock.

So I decided to reconfigure the blog (this one!) to break out each day’s entry into a separate daily post with tags and metadata (potential, at least).

I need to do some reading tonight in preparation for Monday’s class Information Systems class, LSC-555.  Database management.  Yummy!  But not too much!  I have an appointment with the Potomac River in the morning, my Sunday morning walk.  Luckily we “fall behind” tonight, so there will be an extra hour of sleep.  And tomorrow afternoon we both take a break from our work to go to Bethesda for a Eugene O’Neill play.  We will save that discussion for tomorrow.

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